About Us

Bb LABORATORIES was founded in 1997, based around the ground-breaking goal of marketing placenta essence—already relatively popular as an ingredient in cosmetic products—in its original, pure form, as a beauty serum.

The company uses the most advanced medical-grade molecular polarisation technology to extract the essence of placenta that offers the most benefits to human skin. Bb LABORATORIES implements stringent manufacturing and product safety standards, and takes the utmost care to ensure that each product fully satisfies customer needs. The company has become a pioneer in the field of placenta essence production. At the same time, expert researchers from Bb LABORATORIES are committed to devise a solution to combat aging problems of the skin. Therefore, the Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Extract is meticulously fabricated, which can strengthen the overall structure of the human skin.

Since its foundation, Bb LABORATORIES has continued to evolve. In 2006, the company became a subsidiary of Soiken Holdings, a bio-venture company originating from the Faculty of Medicine at Osaka University that is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Code 2385). By using Soiken Holdings' leading biomarker development technology, and the pharmaceutical living organism analysis system that makes use of it, the company is now working towards even further refining the clinical benefits and safety of extracts.

In the two decades since the company’s foundation, Bb LABORATORIES has carved out a place for itself amid the rapidly-changing cosmetics industry. Today, its diverse range of unique skincare products—centring around its "Placenta Extract" and “Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Extract” beauty serum—are used and trusted by over 400,000 customers.


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