Placenta Extract Water

Brightens and Retains Moisture Instantly 

This facial toner, formulated with 10% placenta extract, penetrates deep into the skin. It also contains hyalurone, a highly effective moisturizing agent, emollient ceramide, and other ingredients that help uplifting and add hydration to the skin. This rich, luxurious blend revitalizes and moisturizes dull, unhealthy skin, giving it a translucent radiance. 

After Placenta Extract, gently massage approximately 5mg of extract water on the face until fully absorbed.

Use every day in the morning and evening.

150ml HK$ 455


Placenta Estra-X Cream

A Cream that really cares

This cream is highly recommended for those who would like to relieve monthly discomfort and maintain good skin condition. It contains ethynylestradiol (female hormone derivative) which revitalizes skin against hormone imbalance. With placenta extract added to the cream, it is also effective in against pigmentation and aging, which makes your skin feel silky smooth and radiant than ever. 

After toner or serum, gently massage an appropriate amount onto face and neck. Combine with the use of Placenta Extract to maximize the benefits.

Use in the morning and at night, especially 2 weeks before menstruation.

30g HK$ 1180