Bb Rich Placenta

Source of Beautiful Vitality

Bb Rich Placenta possesses nutritious components of placenta extract, which can be used to prevent skin cells from aging, encouraging rejuvenation and repair of cells. It can also strengthen the immune system as well as healing abilities of both our skin and body. This component also reduces and prevents formation of pigmentation. Regular consumption of the Bb Rich Placenta can help fight against fatigue and signs of aging.

In addition, microvascular blood vessels are the key for health and beauty. However, due to aging process, UV light and oxidation, microvascular blood vessels are increasingly damaged, reducing the proportion of blood vessel and capacity to transport oxygen and nutrients to cells. Bb Rich Placenta has the ability to stimulate and repair microvascular blood vessel, improving blood circulation and regeneration of cells, reducing swelling and irritation.

Daily intake of one bottle. Shake well before consuming, best served cold. Consume soon after seal opened.

Consume one bottle daily, preferably during the day.


50ml ×10 bottle HK$600



Natural Anti-aging supplement

This supplement contains Placenta Extract, Boragile Oil and Vitamin E, providing various amino acids to the body, including growth factor and essential fatty acid. It also contains Lecithin which can discharge fat and prevent from Atherosclerosis. It promotes cell activation, which stimulates the growth and function of existing tissue, giving beautiful skin with vibrant vitality, a regenerated younger appearance and also a healthier body.

Take 3-5 capsules (620mg/capsule) daily with lukewarm water.

100 Capsules HK$ 990


Hyalurone Elastin Collagen

Improves Quality of Skin and Promotes Healthy Joints

This supplement contains hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen, the vital structural components of skin that regulate the skin's moisture, suppleness, and elasticity, which decline as we age. It also helps strengthen the capillaries, reduces wear off of collagen in joints, and promotes healthy nails and hair.  Lactic acid also helps intestine health.

Take 3-6 capsules (400mg/capsule) daily with lukewarm water.

90 Tablets HK$ 990