PH Massage Gel Pro.

Restores Firmness and Brings a New Brightness

An enriched wipe-off massage gel for facial esthetic treatment aimed for professional use in beauty salons in Japan. It is a well-balanced gel for facial massage with a  rich texture. Through massage, the gel works directly into the depth of your skin and rapidly works for multiple skin troubles by stimulating blood circulation and metabolism, strengthening the skin's ability of draining waste, replenishing moisture and nutrients, preventing aging and skin laxity, restoring firmness and bringing a new brightness and translucency to your skin. It also contains plankton extract which helps remove dead skin cells, refine pores and reduce black heads. A delicate fragrance of essential oils like lavender oil and anthemis nobilis flower oil helps relaxing nerves and reducing skin's stress. The massage gel helps achieving an ideal balance in your skincare routine.

After cleansing, apply appropriate amount and gently massage over the face with circular movements for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove remaining residue with a wet cotton pad. Combine it with the use of Moist Cream Mask Pro. to maximize the benefits.

Use once to twice a week.


300g HK$ 280